Our consultants are colour and paint experts trained to evaluate sites, take accurate measurements and most importantly help you choose exactly what you need. They recommend products depending on the service and budget at hand.

Wondering if a particular shade, texture or stencil will be the right one for your home? Say goodbye to these colour qualms, and leave #NoRoomForDoubt.

Colour Consultant allows you to experiment with colours before you even begin painting. You can pick and choose colours for your own room and has numerous images of both indoor and outdoor projects for you to try out

Digital Preview

Personalized visualization options : Now picture how your home can come to life even before its painted with your preferred shades and textures through an exclusive digital preview.

Color Prescription

Quick & easy colour solutions:You will be emailed a Colour prescription within 48 hours which will include 3 colour and texture combinations for the selected room.

Decor Tips

Expert colour advice : Get customized tips on decor elements like lighting, decor accessories, furnishings and colour; based on your unique colour prescription.