• - Low odour enamel: Regular solvent enamels leave a pungent odour in your home for weeks. Royale Enamel is a low odour enamel and does not have this problem. You won’t even realize that your house is being painted.
  • - High washability: Provides you more than 100,000 wash cycles which means it is the perfect enamel for high traffic wood & metal surfaces.
  • - Faster completion: Royale Enamel becomes touch dry in approximately 30 minutes. Painting with Royale Enamel can be completed up to twice as fast as compared to regular solvent enamels.

Further Details

  • Non yellowing: Regular enamels yellow over time. Royale Enamel has an added non-yellowing feature which prevents this and ensures your shades remain the same for years.
  • Anti fungal: The Biopack protects surfaces from black spots and retains the beauty of your house.
  • High gloss finish: High Gloss finish which gives a Royale look to your walls.