Tread lightly, whistles the wind. Take off those soles that can’t tell a leech for the soil. Feel the ground you walk upon, barefoot and beautiful.
In our rush to get nowhere, we often miss moments of joy on our way. If we stopped to listen to the leaves, what would they whisper? Can a crushed ant scurry again or a flower bloom in our wake? Walk in the Woods imagines footprints that burst with life, unlike the ones we leave behind. Open to interpretation, it is a contemplative piece.



wood carving

This Wall Art piece can be carved in wood or wall surfaces like plaster.


painting + sgraffito

Walk in the Woods can be painted directly on the wall. A woodcut effect can be achieved with sgraffito, where layers of paint are scooped out to reveal the pattern.


screen printing

Flat to the touch but with the visual undulations of a woodcut artwork, this piece can be screen printed on the wall.